Morning Book Clubs – Reading List 2 : 2018/19

Date Author Title Hostess Caterer
Sep 20 Renee Knight Disclaimer Sharon Joyce N
Oct 18 Florence Clothier It’s a Glorious Country Mary Joyce P
Nov 15 Emma Donaghue The Wonder Janice Maureen
Dec. 7 Vicki Sara Hallett Mistress of the Blue Castle Barbara H Pot Luck
Jan 17 Laurie Frankel This is How it Always Is Teresita Diane
Feb 21 Sharon Bala  The Boat People Shirley Barbara C
Mar 21 Dermot McEvoy The Thirteenth Apostle Roberta Maureen
Apr 18 Lisa Wingate Before We Were Yours Maxine Grace
May 16 Madeline Thien Do Not Say We Have Nothing Marion Hazel
Jun 20 Bridget Canning The Greatest Hits of Wanda Jaynes Book Club #1 Pot Luck