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About CFUW

The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) is a national voluntary, non-profit, self-funded, non-partisan, non-governmental organization.  Concerned primarily with the status of women and girls, CFUW advocates for change in the political, social and cultural areas to:cfuw

  •  improve the status of women and girls
  •  promote peace, justice and human rights
  •  promote quality public education and improve the educational opportunities of women and girls
  • support programs which improve, or prevent the degradation of, the environment.

CFUW is currently the largest active women’s group in Canada and, in this capacity, has been asked to appear before the Standing Committees of the House of Parliament to present briefs on a variety of issues of concern to women – issues such as pay equity, child care, gun control, employment insurance and women in non-traditional occupations.  CFUW also works with the Canadian Human Rights Commission on shared interests, including UN resolutions on “Women for Peace and Security,”  “Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War” and other issues aligned with policy passed at our National Annual General Meetings.

CFUW has over 7,000 members organized in 96 clubs across Canada.  Our members are mainly University Graduates from all fields of study, but our membership also includes graduates from other post-secondary institutions, students and non-graduate members.  Any woman who supports the aims of CFUW is welcome to become a member of the organization.



For more information about our national organization, please go to www.cfuw.org