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Scholarships & Awards

CFUW St John’s raises money to fund scholarships and bursaries. In 2016/17, we gave scholarships and awards totaling $45,900.00.

Newfoundland Art Posters in the Schools Project (NAPS)
A number of years ago CFUW St. John’s determined that there was a need for local schools to have access to the works of artists from Newfoundland and Labrador. Today, 300 art posters, showcasing the work of a large number of artists, are available to schools in St. John’s and surrounding areas. The posters are loaned to participating schools for a four-month period beginning in October and are exchanged for new posters in February. Accompanying the posters is a binder containing biographical information on the artists. The posters are delivered and picked up from the schools by volunteers from CFUW St. John’s.

Community Outreach Activities

Community Outreach activities for 2016/17 are summarized below.

New Beginning Baskets

This year’s group met bi-monthly to complete 2 baskets for each month for a total of 24 baskets.  Each basket contains basic products and supplies for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. One of the members stores the products and others share in the delivery of the baskets. Weekly flyers are checked to maximize the funds. We strive to maintain the quality of the baskets. Special items donated e.g. seasonal items, socks cosmetics, toiletries/ hygiene products are added to the baskets as “extras”. Occasionally items received are not necessarily suitable for the baskets but are welcomed by Kirby House for the residents’ use. Staff and residents of Kirby House praise us regularly for the baskets they receive.

Gower Street Lunch Program

Members gathered to provide a lunch on October 13th. A menu was planned and supplies purchased for the meal prepared in the church hall kitchen. Volunteers split into two shifts to prepare serve and then clean up from the meal. This Lunch Program has been discontinued because of declining attendance.

Thrive /Community Youth Network

We were pleased to fund the purchase of educational / teaching resources, the Barton Read and Spell series for levels 7, 8, 9 and 10 to assist their students continue their studies.

The Anglican Parish of the Good Shepherd (Mt. Pearl)

The parish operates a Wednesday Café from the beginning of March until the end of November as an outreach to the community. They serve approximately 120 people from all walks of life every Wednesday. We provided funds for the purchase of 8 hot beverage carafes.

Bridges to Hope

We helped to fund the purchase of supplies for a Bread-making program that provides bread to food hampers and the Slow Cooking Tutorial for four participants. Each tutorial participant takes home a new slow cooker after completing the program. We funded the purchase of four (4) slow cookers.

The St. John’s Boys and Girls Club – Buckmaster Circle

The Club saw a decrease in their government funding for 2016-17. We responded to their call-out for assistance with funds to help them purchase crafts supplies and resources for their Arts and Crafts Program.

Stella Circle Foundation

At our request the staff identified three under- funded programs. We gave a donation in March 2017 to be shared and help fund some activities for the Inclusion Choir, Just Women’s Centre and Employment Services group. The Inclusion Choir is a non-audition choir that provides an avenue for confidence building as well as social interaction for the participants. The choir meets weekly and shares in a nutritious supper after their rehearsals. The Just Women’s Centre offers counselling and support to women over 18 who have a history with the justice system. Every Monday afternoon they meet for peer support and recreational activities. Recreation i.e. bowling, helps women overcome their isolation and loneliness in a safe setting. The Employment Service group helps people with limited work experience or interrupted career paths discover their talents and creates opportunities for employment. Once a month, participants gather for a supper meal to network with peers and Employment Services staff.

Marguerite’s Place/St. John’s Women Centre

The Centre provides residential services, supports and programing to women under 30. The Centre operates a Boutique. We purchased a supply of toiletries and hygiene products for their boutique in April 2017.

The Gathering Place

Once again we provided funds to help with purchasing supplies for the Christmas cake project in December 2016. A second amount was donated in April 2017 to help provide protein choices e.g. cheese, to enhance the Breakfast meals.

Refugee Immigration Advisory Council (RIAC)

We were able to help fund the purchase of educational resources and writing materials in April 2017 as part of supportive services provided to refugee and immigrants in our community.

Association of New Canadians

Staff suggested some underfunded projects. The committee decided to help support 2 programs. Mommy & PALS (Play Assess Learn Succeed)Program, a weekly service for stay-at home newcomer moms with pre-school aged children and newborns, and Summer Programs for Young Newcomers which includes a summer enrichment program for refugee and immigrant youth and a summer program for children.

Cochrane Centre

We heard in September that the Cochrane Street United Church had undertaken a restoration project. The project is operated by the Cochrane Community Outreach and Performance Centre Incorporation (CCOPC), a community-focused non-profit. Cochrane Centre is home to 10 supportive housing units, a mid-sized performance hall, community rehearsal and performance space, a commercial-scale kitchen, and a meeting/gathering place for community groups.   We offered to put together 10 baskets of basic products and supplies for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry for the first tenants of the housing units.   An electric kettle was added to each basket. The same group of members who fill the baskets for Kirby House participants helped out once more. The Baskets were delivered to the new centre on May 12, 2017. Our group were pleased to be invited for a tour of the renovations to date. We were informed that Cochrane Centre has hired a manager who will start on June 1st. Soon after tenants will begin moving into their units. We were given an update that another space in the building will be re-developed as 5 ground-level housing units for seniors.

Donation for International Women’s Day (IWD) 2017 Project.

The total funds contributed by CFUW chapters will be donated collectively to MATCH from CFUW’s national office. MATCH is Canada’s only international women’s fund supporting grassroots organizations in the global South. MATCH funds programs developed by women’s organizations in developing countries.   Funds raised helps provide basic support and services that empower women and assist them to break new ground that brings about social change in their communities. 

Surplus Used Books
You may be surprised to know that surplus books from the Giant Used Book Sale are offered for free to a large number of community groups at the end of the sale. Each year between 10 and 15 different groups avail of the offer in support of their own charitable initiatives.  The books go to such diverse places as  The Phillippines, where they become part of a small school library;  Her Majesty’s Penitentiary, where they become reading material for inmates and staff; and local charities, where they are resold in fundraising projects.  If your group would like to take part in this initiative, please use the contact information at he bottom of the page.

Women on Tap
The tap dancing interest group has performed for the Eastern Edge Quilters Guild, the St. John’s Guild of Embroiderers and the residents of the Agnes Pratt Home.

MUN Food Bank
We provide financial support to the MUN Food Bank.  In 2016/2017, we donated $3500.00.

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National Scholarships
Ecole Polytechnique Scholarship
Alice B Wilson Scholarship

Our Issues and Resolutions committee supports and acts upon resolutions adopted at our National AGM by writing letters to politicians on issues of concern and seeking public support.

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IWF International Women’s Day Project

Lani Sabai School – Kenya
In partnership with the Sisters of the Sacred Heart, CFUW St. John’s provides financial support which enables four girls from a very poor part of Kenya to attend school. The money provided covers the cost of textbooks, uniforms, a daily meal and tuition.



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