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Scholarships & Awards

CFUW St John’s raises money to fund scholarships and bursaries. In 2018/19, we will give scholarships and awards totaling $54,000.00.

Community Outreach Activities

Community Outreach activities for 2017/18 are summarized below.

New Beginning Baskets

This year’s group met bi-monthly to complete 2 baskets for each month for a total of 24 baskets.  Each basket contains basic products and supplies for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. One of the members stores the products and others share in the delivery of the baskets. Weekly flyers are checked to maximize the funds. We strive to maintain the quality of the baskets. Special items donated e.g. seasonal items, socks cosmetics, toiletries/ hygiene products are added to the baskets as “extras”. Occasionally items received are not necessarily suitable for the baskets but are welcomed by Kirby House for the residents’ use. Staff and residents of Kirby House praise us regularly for the baskets they receive.

Thrive /Community Youth Network

We were pleased to fund the enrolment of 10 young people in a first aid course that will increase their employment opportunities.  We also provided funds for healthy snacks for homeless youth in downtown St. John’s. 

Seniors NL

This is a resource centre for seniors in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. They have requested “New Beginning Baskets” on an occasional basis to respond to seniors in crisis who need to start over again. Three (3) baskets have been given out so far.

Bridges to Hope

We helped to fund the purchase of supplies for a Bread-making program that provides bread to food hampers.

Stella Circle Foundation

The Just Women’s Centre offers counselling and support to women over 18 who have a history with the justice system. Every Monday afternoon they meet for peer support and recreational activities. Recreation i.e. bowling, helps women overcome their isolation and loneliness in a safe setting. We gave a $1000 donation to aid in these activities. 

Association of New Canadians

The Outreach committee decided to help support two (2) of their programs once more. The Mommy & PALS (Play Assess Learn Succeed)Program is a weekly service for stay-at home newcomer moms with pre-school aged children and newborns; we provided funds towards the provision of healthy snacks. We also supported the Healthy Baby Club for newcomers with the purchase of a car seat, supplies and toiletries for newborns twice this year.

The Gathering Place

Once again we provided funds to help with purchasing supplies for the Christmas cake project in December 2017. A n earlier  amount was donated in April 2017 to help provide protein choices e.g. cheese, to enhance the Breakfast meals.

Planned Parenthood NL Sexual Health Centre

A purchase was made of feminine hygiene products, dental supplies and toiletries to help supply their free boutique.

Violence Prevention NL- Avalon East

The organization has been renamed.We made a donation to assist with the purchase of updated presentation banner.

NL Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Centre

We donated twice this year to help defray the cost of their phone call-in-line.


The executive directorrequested funds to help purchase participant workbooks and age-appropriate books. This is the first time we donated to Teacher on Wheels. Our donation will help fund this current need.

Home Again Furniture Bank

This is a new organization serving the Northeast Avalon that accepts new or gently used furniture and household supplies to assist individuals and families, in need, furnish their home.Our donation supported the operation of the “Home Again” delivery truck.

We Care Foundation of NL

This is a registered charity established locally to support a scholarship program for girls denied education by the Boko Haram Militants in Northern Nigeria. Our donation will help fund the purchase of feminine hygiene products. Without these supplies the girls would miss school for several days every month.

Donation for International Women’s Day (IWD) 2018 Project.

The total funds contributed by CFUW chapters will be donated collectively to MATCH from CFUW’s national office. MATCH is Canada’s only international women’s fund supporting grassroots organizations in the global South. MATCH funds programs developed by women’s organizations in developing countries.   Funds raised helps provide basic support and services that empower women and assist them to break new ground that brings about social change in their communities. 

Surplus Used Books
You may be surprised to know that surplus books from the Giant Used Book Sale are offered for free to a large number of community groups at the end of the sale. Each year between 10 and 15 different groups avail of the offer in support of their own charitable initiatives.  The books go to such diverse places as  Nigeria and The Phillippines, where they become part of a small school library;  Her Majesty’s Penitentiary, where they become reading material for inmates and staff; and local charities, where they are resold in fundraising projects.  If your group would like to take part in this initiative, please use the contact information at he bottom of the page.

Women on Tap
The tap dancing interest group has performed for the Eastern Edge Quilters Guild, the St. John’s Guild of Embroiderers and the residents of the Agnes Pratt Home.

MUN Food Bank
We provide financial support to the MUN Food Bank.  In 2018/2019, we donated $5600.00.

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National Scholarships
Ecole Polytechnique Scholarship
Alice B Wilson Scholarship

Our Issues and Resolutions committee supports and acts upon resolutions adopted at our National AGM by writing letters to politicians on issues of concern and seeking public support.

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IWF International Women’s Day Project

Education of Girls in Northern Nigeria
In partnership with the We Care Foundation of NL CFUW St. John’s provides financial support which enables 10 girls from Nigeria whose schooling was interrupted by the Boko Haram militants to attend school. The money provided covers the cost of textbooks, uniforms, a daily meal and tuition.



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