Newfoundland & Labrador Books

These Newfoundland and Labrador books are available for sale.


Baker, Melvin: The Power of Commitment :The History of Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro.   St. John’s, NL: Silver Lights Club, 2000.  $5.

Carlson, Terry: The Legacy and the Practice: The John Howard Society in Newfoundland.    St. John’s, NL: The John Howard Society, 1991.  $10.

Dinham, Paul S.: You Never Know What They Might Do: Mental Illness in Outport Newfoundland.    St. John’s, NL: Memorial Univ, Institute of Social and Economic Research, 1983.     $2.

Downer, Don: Turbulent Tides A Social History of Sandy Point.   Portugal Cove, NL: ESP Press, 1997.   $10.  

Firestone, Melvin M.: Brothers and Rivals: Patrilocality in Savage Cove.  St. John’s, NL: Memorial Univ., Institute of Social and Economic Research, 1967      $2.

Gwyn, Richard:   Smallwood: The Unlikely Revolutionary.    Toronto, ON: McClelland & Stewart, 1972.         $5. PB

Hansen, Ben: Newfoundland Gems.    St. John’s, NL: Vinland Press, 1996.           $5.

Kelly, Gemey: Rockwell Kent: The Newfoundland Work.   Halifax, NS: Dalhousie Art Gallery, Dalhousie Univ., 1987.    $15.

King, Ledrew, Porter   Out and About.   Don Mills: Academic Presss Canada, 1982.   $2.

Leyton, Elliot: The One Blood: Kinship and Class in an Irish Village.     St. John’s, NL: Memorial Univ., Institute of Social and Economic Research, 1975.  $5.

MacLeod, Malcolm: Nearer than Neighbors.     St. John’s, NL: Harry Cuff, 1982.     $2.

Macpherson, A.G. & Macpherson, J.B.(Eds): The Natural Environment of Newfoundland Past and Present.    St. John’s, NL: Memorial Univ., Dept of Geography, 1981.         $35.

Major, Kevin: Aunt Olga’s Christmas Postcards.   Toronto: House of Anansi Press, 2005.     $2.

Manuel, Edith M.: St. Peter’s Anglican Church Twillingate: One Hundred and Twenty-five year History.      Self-published, 1983.      $5.

Morgan, Bernice; Porter, Helen & Rubia, Geraldine (Eds): From this place: a selection of writing by Women of Newfoundland and Labrador.  St. John’s, NL: Jesperson, 1977.            $2.

Peddle, Walter: The Traditional Furniture of Outport Newfoundland.    St. John’s, NL: Harry Cuff, 1983.  $25  &  $30.

 ——:    The Forgotten Craftsmen.   St. John’s, NL: Harry Cuff, 1984.      $25.

Pitt, David G.:    E.J.Pratt: The Truant Years 1882-1927 .     St. John’s, NL: Jesperson Press, 1984.    $5  PB.

Ryan, Shannon: A History of Newfoundland in the North Atlantic to 1818.     St. John’s, NL: Flanker, 2012.   $5.

Smallwood, Joseph: I Chose Canada .     Toronto: Macmillan, 1973.   $5.  (HC; torn dust jacket)

Thoms, James R. (Ed-in-Chief): The Millennium Book of Newfoundland and Labrador: Our First Thousand Years.    Sterling Communications International, 2000.      $30.

Tarrant, D.R.: Challenge and Change:  An Illustrated History of Engineering and Geoscience in Newfoundland and Labrador.  St. John’s, NL: Assoc. of Professional  Engineers and Geologists,  2002.     $5.

Tiller, Stanley C.: Stormswept.   Toronto, ON: Ryerson, 1950.            $10.

 Wells, Herb: Under the White Ensign, Vol. 1. A History of Newfoundland Naval seamen in the Second World War.   St. John’s, NL: The Author,1981, 5th printing(1986).  $40  (PB, signed).       

 ——:    Comrades in Arms:  A History of Newfoundlanders in Action, Second World War.   St. John’s, NL: The Author, 1988, 1st printing.      $50 (HC, signed: 2 copies, 1 with tears in dj)

Wadel, Cato: Now, Whose Fault is That? The Struggle for Self-Esteem in the Face of Chronic Unemployment. Newfoundland Social and Economic Studies, #11.    St. John’s, NL: Memorial University  of Newfoundland, 1986 (10th printing).       $5.





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